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Updating your calendar with WGC events

The latest diary events have been created in a Google Calendar, which you may view and update your computer or smart phone calendar for easy reference and for booking games with your favourite playing partners. You will also be able to look up Club events at any time.

To add selected events to your calendar, click on that event and follow the instructions.
To add the entire WGC calendar to your Outlook 2007 or later calendar, click here.
To add the entire WGC calendar to your smartphone or iPad calendar, click here.
To add the entire WGC calendar to your Google calendars, click here.

NOTE: Blackberry users will need to import the WGC calendar into Outlook, then sync that calendar with your phone.

Adding the WGC calendar to Outlook 2007/2010

  • Download the following file to your computer:
  • Open Outlook, and choose the File menu, then "Import and Export..."
  • Select "Import an iCalendar ..." and click Next.
  • Browse to the file you have downloaded and click Open.
  • Select Open as New. The WGC Calendar will now appear in your Outlook calendars.
  • It is best to import into a new calendar, so that, if the WGC calendar is updated, you may keep your version up-to-date by deleting the previous one, recreating it and re-importing. This way your main calendar is not affected and you will avoid duplicate entries.
  • Please note that this method is not satisfactory for earlier Outlook versions (eg Outlook 2000), or other email programs. If you use such software please contact us by clicking on Contact at the top of the page and adding a query. We will endeavour to assist you but cannot guarantee support for every email program.

Adding the WGC Calendar to your smart phone/iPad

Adding the WGC calendar to your Google calendars

Note that you will be unable to modify the calendar without copying an event to your personal calendar. Consult the Google documentation for information on how to do this.


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